Before leaving on a trip to Italy I needed a few key pieces for my trip that didnʼt break the bank.   Unfortunately, I had gained a few pounds and most of my summer clothes didnʼt fit anymore.  Unsure of what I was looking for, I enlisted Katinaʼs help.  She was extremely patient and kept in mind my tastes when giving advice. Ultimately she helped me understand what styles look good on my body type so I could eventually do this on my own.  Once in the dressing room, I was really pleased with the result.  Because of her expertise not only did I have a new, very flattering wardrobe for Italy, I was able to transition these pieces into my existing work and casual wardrobe as well!  I highly recommend Katina to anyone needing a face-lift to their existing wardrobe.  No matter your budget she's able to find what looks good on you!!

-Ilysa D, Gastroenterologist

Katina and I clicked right away. She is professional, efficient and trustworthy. I really felt like I was in good hands and the Closet Purge was a success. I look forward to my shopping list and tacking it with Katina. 

-Anne Marie L., Business Owner

I have been the lucky recipient of Katina's styling services for the last 2 years. She has performed a Closet Audit and Shopped my Closet, which got me organized after moving and helped me find my style in this part of the country. Having her take pictures, with my phone, of outfits she put together has been wonderful! All I have to do is look at he pictures and I don't have to think! We have spent many informative and fun-filled hours shopping to fill in my wardrobe and determine what flatters my figure. She was able to blend her style know how, my tastes and my comfort zone to help me shop with confidence. Now I know what looks good on me and I don't waste time or money when shopping. Plus, I know that the keys to making an outfit look really pout together now. What I enjoyed the most was her help in selecting a dress to wear to my daughter's wedding. I looked great and totally put together! Katina has also shopped with all 3 of my very different adult daughter's giving them tips on what silhouettes, colors and styles are best for them. All while keeping in mind their "young adult budgets." Totally fun! I really value the time I have spent with Katina. She takes the time to understand her clients and give them the tools and confidence to feel good about the themselves and to look fabulous!

-Julie S., Homemaker

At one point I suffered from sensitive skin, eczema, and adult acne all at once, and have tried just about every product line from high end to drug store with no real results or improvement, until I met Katina.  She suggested a few items for me to try and was very knowledgeable with the products she recommended and what I should be using for my different skin issues.  She also made herself available should I have any other questions or concerns and reassured me that I was not doomed to have problem skin.  My skin improved dramatically and I now get compliments on my healthy looking skin!  I believe Katina helped save my skin and I would definitely recommend a consultation with her!

Thank you! 
-Lani S,  Flight Attendant

Katina is a doll! She helped me put together amazing outfits with the clothes in my closet, and we had fun doing it! She is very knowledgable about fashion and especially about tailoring style to ones body type. Would highly recommend and am planning to hire again!

-Zoe O, Professional Organizer

Katina is wonderful she was able to assist me with a new wardrobe that was a perfect fit for my frame and lifestyle. I highly recommend her to all looking for help with personal styling.

-Suzanne H, Nurse

Katina was fun and efficient to work with. What I like best is that she worked within my budget and at the stores where I wanted to shop. I now have a brand new business wardrobe. Thanks Katina!

-Janet P, Medical Business Owner

Katina gave a style presentation for my book club about how to dress for your body type.  She was very knowledgeable and professional.  Several of us in the group have taken her suggestions to heart and have made positive changes in how we dress.  Since then, I have also had personal skincare and make up consultations with her and I love her recommendations.  My wardrobe consultation is next!  If it is time for you to make changes, Katina makes it easy for you.  I highly recommend her!!! 

-Pam F,  Dental Hygienist

After going through my closet and showing me new combinations from my own wardrobe that I never thought would have worked together,  Katina showed me that I was wearing some things the wrong length for my stature.  She even pinned items so I would know what changes to make.  Her suggestions have made me feel not only more comfortable, but slimmer as well.  Thanks so much for the great, timely advice. 

-Dorit W, Retired

Initially, I couldn’t imagine spending three hours going through my closet, but pulling everything out, trying it on, and getting supportive but constructive comments before putting anything back in, was nothing less than extraordinary.  I learned so much about what works for me and my body!  

Then Personal Shopping with Katina was like watching a master at work.  She hit the racks with an eye for what would work for me and what wouldn’t.  I could barely focus before she had an armload full of clothes.  I tried on styles that I would never have found on my own, and the woman I saw looking back at me from the mirror was truly transformed.  It was just what I was looking to achieve, but could never have done on my own. 

I received an education and the confidence to find what truly works for me and I am exhilarated.  I feel like a brand new person – confident and excited about my clothes. Her expertise is remarkable and her company is delightful!

-Janice L, Nursery School Administrator

Katina was amazing, very friendly and professional. She showed me new ways of pairing the clothes I had in my closet and pointed out additional pieces that I was missing. She not only told me what worked and didn't, but also why. 

I was worried that everything I had would be tossed in the donation pile, but she quickly and skillfully calmed my fears, reassuring me. It was incredibly helpful how she asked how I felt in and about each item. I was able to easily let go of items I had held on to for far too long. 

I wore one of her pairings the next day and received complements on my outfit. Can't wait to go shopping together!

-Amber A, Graduate Student

I loved working with Katina. She is really good at assessing what you already own, identifying what is getting too old, what doesn't fit right, and explaining why something just doesn't look quite right. I learned a lot about pairing colors and materials together. I am mid 40's and wanted an age appropriate look without the old and frumpy look. She was awesome at helping me coordinate lots of outfits. I highly recommend her!

-Kelly M, Director of Human Resources (major university)

The time flew by and Katina had me trying on things I never previously would have considered. Very happy with her knowledge and taste and I'm looking forward to more time with her in the future it was a lot of fun. 

-Linda D, Attorney

Katina was great she gave me style ideas I never would have thougth of and basically tripled my wardrobe with what was already in my closet. She also helped me understand proper fit for someone of my size and offered useful advice. Overall, it was a positive and eye opening experience.

Lisa L.

Katina Brock
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