Dress beautifully for your shape, lifestyle and budget.
Discover new outfits from what you already have!
Eliminate stress with a functional wardrobe!
Increase your confidence!

Mini Closet Audit
• Review a category of items such as
-Summer, work, weekend, etc
• Weed out what is old and ill-fitting•
• Categorize items to be donated, sold or altered 
•Discover the silhouettes that flatter you most•
• Shopping List of pieces needed •
2 hours 

Full Closet Audit
• Review your full wardrobe •
• Weed out old and ill-fitting clothes •
• Determine items for donation, resale or altering 
•Discover the silhouettes that flatter you most•
• Shopping List of pieces needed •
• Organize Closet for Easy Selection •
3+ hours (may require multiple visits)

Shop Your Closet 
    • Closet organization •
• Create ensembles from what you have •
• Shopping List of pieces needed •
• Great after a Closet Audit or Personal Shopping •
2+ hour 

Personal Shopping
    • Shopping done with you or for you •
• Fill in your wardrobe gaps •
• Shop for vacation or a special occasion •
• Avoid Overpacking •
2 hour min.

Digital Styling
• Online shopping recommendations for you •
• With pictures, captions, and direct links to items •


Group Shopping Trip
• 3-4 people •
• Learn tips for your body type •
• Find pieces that flatter  •
• Make getting dressed easier  •
2 hour Trip - $50 each
3 hour Trip - $75 each 

Customized Packages
•Closet Audit
•Personal Shopping Together
•Personal Shopping for You (In Home Fitting + Returns)
•Digital Shopping 
•Digital Ensembles from your Closet
•Vacation Shopping
•Special Event Shopping
•Closet Organizing
•Digital Look Book
•Makeover Recommendations


Other Style Services
• Style Parties
• Boutique Styling Events
• Speaking Engagements
•And more...